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Dreadhalls goes worldwide!

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At last! You can now buy the full version of Dreadhalls for Gear VR in any of the world regions (except for S. Korea at this moment) at a price of $4.99, or your equivalent local currency. To get the game, just visit the Oculus Store from your device.

Thanks for your patience. I hope you’ll like the full version and its new features and content over the demo!

Again, the PC version for the Oculus Rift is still under development. If you want to be notified of when it releases, make sure to register your mail address into the game’s newsletter. You can do that from the Home page.

You can buy Dreadhalls now!

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Dreadhalls is now available for purchase on Samsung’s Gear VR at just $4.99. To buy the game, visit the Oculus Store from your device.

The full version of Dreadhalls features new environments, creatures, and a story that you will have to piece together as you progress through the dungeon.

This version also includes a new Random Map mode, where you and your friends can take turns playing single maps, featuring all of the game’s environments and menaces. The game will keep track of how good you do.

Lastly, the PC version for the Oculus Rift is still under development. Keep in touch for updates on when it becomes available too!

Dreadhalls is done!

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Good news! I recently completed the development of Dreadhalls! (Well, at least, the Gear VR version of it :)


This means the full game has already been submitted to Oculus for their evaluation and, assuming they don’t find any problems in it, it will be available for purchase on the Gear VR store in the near future.

Starting now, I’m focusing on porting all of the work I put into the Gear VR version back into the PC one (which I expect to be a fast process). And, since there’s still some time until the PC version can be released, this means I can also add some of the additional features that never made it into the Gear VR build, either because of lack of time, or performance requirements.

Looking back at the original demo I made for the 2013 VR Jam, I’m very happy at how the full game looks and plays now. I believe it still retains that same “feel” that people loved on the prototype, but much more expanded and upgraded. I hope you will like it too!

And speaking of the original demo, I’ve also released an update for those of you who experienced problems with it on your DK2 Rifts. You can download the latest 1.4 version from here.

Dreadhalls for Gear VR

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I’m happy to announce that the upcoming commercial version of Dreadhalls will also be available for Samsung’s virtual reality platform: Gear VR


Gear VR was recently announced during this year’s IFA trade show at Berlin, and features a headset to be used with the upcoming Galaxy Note 4.

dust_sEven though some features will differ, you will have the same core Dreadhalls experience both in PC and Gear VR, with the same environments and gameplay.




temple_light_sMaking sure the game worked smoothly in the mobile device was a challenging task, requiring many hours of work and custom graphical optimizations.




large_hall_sI believe that work paid off, however, and I hope you’ll find the game as solid and detailed as I do!

But to give you a first look, all the screenshots I’ve used are exclusively from the Gear VR version.


The Music of Dreadhalls

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The soundtrack of the upcoming Dreadhalls is now available. You can listen to it free of charge directly from here.

Music is a key part of horror, and when I started the development of the game I knew I wanted it to have a soundtrack that highlighted the key moments and emotions, and provided the oppressive and eerie ambience the game demanded. I was lucky enough to have Matt Collins jump on board, and I can’t be happier with the result!



I’m Matt Collins and I am the composer for Dreadhalls. I’ve been a huge horror fan all my life taking inspiration from years of listening to horror film and game soundtracks, and so when Sergio contacted me about writing the music for this new horror game and I saw just how well-received the demo was there was simply no way I could say no. Horror is a tough aspect to handle as people can get affected by it in so many ways, yet with the amount of immersion the Oculus Rift gives and the talent behind the game it is no wonder why Dreadhalls has become so popular. The level of immersion given from the Oculus Rift presented new challenges when writing the soundtrack to Dreadhalls, and I’m here to fill you guys in on some of the background behind those challenges and the thoughts that went into making the score.

Horror is already a difficult area to write music for, so add in the extra level of immersion the players will have and you really have to reevaluate how to go about making the soundtrack. I wanted to unnerve the players, find ways to provide real tension and, for when the moment calls for it, make the players want to run like crazy and just book it out of there. These spots had to do their part in evoking the fear within the player, and build within the atmosphere. Ambience should add 100% to the experience without making itself too known. Even with these terrifying moments needing to be nailed a game can’t just simply make you feel terror the entire way through. You need a break somewhere in there, right?

In the soundtrack and game you will hear tracks that will bring some relief to the player. Yet, there is a line that you don’t want to cross and that is making the player feel too comfortable. Yes, there are tracks that will provide relief, but we did not want this to mean that they would provide comfort. These tracks are a lot more melody based than the scare tracks are, as I wanted to explore the feelings you guys will have as you progress through the game. There are spots we want you and the music to feel mysterious, or eerily calm. However, if there is a big overall consistent feeling that needed to be made throughout the soundtrack it is that there should always be some sense of dread in the tracks.

Dreadhalls is considered by many people to be the most terrifying game that they have ever played. Some may go as far to say that it is the most terrifying experience they’ve had in their whole life. It is of my sincerest hopes that this soundtrack will work in all its ways to ensure that the music adds to build a truly terrifying game in all aspects. As a gamer myself I understand how crucial music is to a horror experience, so I absolutely hope you guys enjoy the music and I can’t wait to join you all when Dreadhalls fully releases.

Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic week!
-Matt Collins

New trailer

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I just released the first trailer for the full version of Dreadhalls:

Still lots of work to do, but hopefully you’ll like the direction it’s taking.

Reading books in Dreadhalls

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I’ve always liked games that offer you with opportunities to learn about their lore, the backstory of the place you are at and its inhabitants, and so on. Even when that doesn’t directly affect the gameplay or the main plot in any ways, it helps to ground the place and make the player feel more immersed into the world. I always wanted to do something like that in Dreadhalls, but it didn’t make it into the VRJam deadline when I was making the original version.

I knew that if I wanted to do that, I’d need a better way to deliver that information than the notes system from the VRJam demo version. That system was too rigid, with very limited space, hard to read text, and having the notes attached to your face, rather than fixed in space, means they are harder to read for some players.

So I decided to add a brand new book system into the game. You can see it in action in the video above, with placeholder contents. You will find books laying around, that you can pick up and read. The new system allows for much more content, illustrations, easier to read text (even with DK1’s low-res), and smooth transitions.

I hope you also like finding these pieces of backstory around. And remember, just because you are reading a book, that doesn’t mean you are safe! Time won’t pause, so you might want to keep an eye on your surroundings while you read :D

New website

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Welcome to Dreadhall’s new, better and much cleaner website. In here you will now be able to find the latest news, pictures, and sneak peeks from the development process for the full version.

I hope you like the new layout, and please feel free to give your feedback through the contact form at any time.